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Important Lacuna news

Due to uncertainty surrounding future funding for this project, the Poetic Media Lab will no longer perform technical upkeep on the most recent version of Lacuna available (2.4.1), which may impact site functionality and stability. For the same reason we are no longer able to maintain Lacuna websites for other institutions or to support new Lacuna courses at the moment. This decision affects all users, including past as well as current recipients of Stanford Global Studies's EPIC Community College Fellowships.

Existing users may continue to use independently the current version of Lacuna, and new users who can independently set up and support their own use of the platform can download the code from our Github site free of charge. If you fall in the latter user category, we encourage you to connect the IT department in your institution to our current Lacuna staff. Detailed information on how to set up Lacuna in your local server is available in our installation instructions. Please notice that the instructions on this link might not account for changes in technology that have taken place since August 2018.

Please e-mail Fyza Parviz and/or Nelson Shuchmacher Endebo should you have any questions.