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Lacuna Launches 'Knowledge Base' for Instructors

Lacuna, a digital annotation platform for college classrooms, has launched it's Knowledge Base for instructors. Lacuna was developed in coordination with faculty and graduate students at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. For the past three years, the Stanford Poetic Media Lab has been observing Lacuna in classrooms using ethnographic observations, surveys, interviews, and focus groups with students and faculty.

By analyzing best practices for student learning using digital annotation, the Poetic Media Lab has refined model assignments, in-class activities, and steps for instructors to manage and curate annotations for more effective lectures and classroom discussions. The Knowledge Base has sample assignments, lesson plans, in-class activities, and more, all organized by topic and theme tags. 
Each assignment or activity is downloadable as: 
1) a ready-to-use PDF generalized for all classes
2) an editable word document to customize for your specific course
3) a sample student final product (for most assignments)
These assignments have been modified based on real assignments we have seen successfully implemented at Stanford University, as well as at collaborating community colleges like Foothill College. 
Their first round of helpful annotation-based assignments and activities include: