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Life in Quarantine 2.0 is out today!

The Life in Quarantine project team at the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis at Stanford University is THRILLED to announce their new website!

Besides a fresh new look, what's new? Plenty! Are you ready?

1) a partnership with the NoiseFilter #podcast, hosted by Community Health and Infectious Disease doctors Eric Griggs and MarkAlain Dery from New Orleans, LA. Together we are working to select and adapt content from our quarantine life archive to this exciting format, and we are delighted to share the first five episodes with you all! Check them out, and don't forget to subscribe!

2) Art in Quarantine, a section highlighting the work of artists and musicians produced in and/or in response to Covid-19.

3) Blogs in Quarantine, with guest bloggers from all over the world. The first series discusses Covid-19 in the Philippines!

4) A Mutual Aid and Relief Fund section highlighting the work of various grassroots and community initiatives in these trying times.

5) Prison during Pandemic, a section featuring the perspectives of inmates during the pandemic. Prisons have become hotspots for coronavirus.

6) Words in Quarantine, a section devoted to creative writing in various forms (fiction, non-fiction, poetry and more).

To learn more about these initiatives, visit us today at!